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Wineproof is a ‘wine marketing agency’ that is active in the wine business in Belgium and abroad. With a strong expertise and specialisation in optimising marketing and sales plans, Wineproof is the ideal partner. If you are a wine merchant, wine importer or wine producer with a strong interest in the BENELUX market, Wineproof can help you with customised advice.

Wineproof provides professional support in the area of: online wine marketing, wine marketing strategy, wine design, wine events and wine sales development.

Online wine marketing

Wineproof ensures that you no longer remain under the radar online. Making you easy to find goes hand in hand with an optimised website and a clever content strategy. A precise online marketing strategy leads to customers who are interested in your brand and who make purchases.


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Wine communication strategy

Having difficulty drawing up a well thought-out communication strategy? Whether it be launching a product, repositioning or developing a new business,

Wineproof can help with customised advice regarding your communication strategy.

Wine sales development

Do you need help launching your new wine assortment? Wineproof can help you market your wines. An analysis of your target group is of essential importance. After all, you want orders to roll in over the long term. This analysis is made based on years of expertise and passion for wine.

Wine design

Appearances are important. The packaging of your wine is at least as important as the flavour. Wineproof can take your brand to a higher level. We have the right skills to design your logo, labels, packaging and promotional materials. Creation and design are carefully combined with knowledge and passion for wine.

Wine events

Wineproof is a jack of all trades when it comes to organising events. Wine tasting events, wine dinners and other wine events are the ultimate opportunity to network with your customers. You won’t need to worry about anything on the day of the event. We take everything in hand and ensure that the right information reaches your customers.

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